Now that you have made the decision to sell your home, a place you may have lived in for many years, you will want another home to fall in love with. To prepare your home for sale, the first thing to do is to assess what aspects of your home will appeal to most home buyers when they take their first look at your house… While your realtor may be able to offer some suggestions, here are several ideas to get you started on adding curb appeal upgrades.

While curb appeal is certainly subjective, there are several important outdoor areas of the home that should be carefully evaluated. Try to look at your home from the buyer's point of view. We know that it can be hard to be objective when you have carefully chosen all the things in your home. Ask yourself: Does the outside of my home send the right message? Does your house say well done, well-maintained? Below are some specific areas to assess carefully.

The Front Door: Your front door is the focal point of the house and is the entry point for potential buyers. Over time, the paint on your door can chip and may need to be touched up. This is a quick, budget-friendly improvement. If your door needs a fresh coat of paint, you may want to go with a bright new color to complement the rest of the house. Painting the door yourself is an inexpensive way to improve your home's overall look. If the funds are available, you may want to replace them with the latest in front-door style and technology altogether.

Landscaping: A well-groomed lawn you can be proud of is the result of time-consuming hard work: mowing, weeding, and edging on a regular basis. The results are worth it. It creates a positive message that says the current homeowners care about the place they live in. Planting fresh flowers, shrubs, and bushes in your garden beds will go a long way in adding visual interest. Have colorful flowerpots by the front door to greet your buyers.

Exterior Maintenance: Make sure that your home's exterior is well-maintained. If necessary, repaint or touch up all surfaces of the house and trim. Do you need to repair or replace any damaged siding? Any broken or missing shingles on the roof will need to be replaced. Windows should be cleaned inside and out to make them sparkle.

Lighting: Not only will outdoor lighting enhance your home's curb appeal, but it is also an important safety feature, especially at night. Lighting can add drama to interesting features along pathways.

Declutter: Keep your porch, driveway, and walkways clean and clutter-free. Remove any leaves, debris, or unnecessary items that might be lying around, such as children's toys and sports equipment. Make it a point to check the gutters for any debris and clear it away.

Fencing and Gates: If you have fencing or a gate, it is important to repair any broken parts. Because they are always exposed to the elements, fencing, and gates may need to be repainted or stained to make sure they look well-maintained.

House Numbers and Mailbox: Update your house numbers with modern and easy-to-read styles. Replace an outdated mailbox with a new one that complements the overall aesthetic of your home.

The Garage: Often overlooked, if your home has a garage, make sure the door is in good working condition. To make it more visually appealing, consider adding decorative hardware or giving it a fresh coat of paint that works well with the rest of the house. Make sure your garage is clean and well organized, with shelving to hold your garage supplies.

These tips can be adapted to match your personal aesthetic and the style of your home. Regular maintenance and a clean, well-kept exterior will go a long way in enhancing your home's curb appeal for as long as you own your home.

A large white house with trees around it