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Honoring Our Local Service Heroes

Connie and Bill are affiliates for Homes for Heroes. This national program, born from the tragedy of 9/11, recognizes the service of First Responders, Firefighters, Teachers, Law Enforcement Officers, Healthcare Workers, Veterans, Active Duty Military and many who serve or work with them. Connie and Bill give back approximately 25% of their commission when they help one of these Heroes buy or sell a home. As of January 2024, they have given back over $182,000 of their commission to local Heroes who purchased or sold a home with them. Of more than 3,000 realtor affiliates in the US, they continuously rank in the top 1% of all affiliates. They are #1 Homes For Heroes Realtor Affiliates in NH. Bill is also licensed in Maine so this remarkable program is available there too. 

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Thank you for serving